Rather than a game of two halves, it was a game of the first ten minutes and then the rest. Perhaps lulled into a false sense of security by their opponents kicking off with just nine men, Logica were woefully slapdash for that critical first period, and were 3-0 down ten minutes later, by which time the Rangers numbered a full dozen. Ultimately, this head-start would prove too big to claw back.

It was the midfield who never the less inspired a fightback, with a combative and skilful collective display that took the fight to Eel Brook thereafter. All four midfielders earned due recognition in this week's MoM Poll, but it was Jamie Heath who impressed the electorate most of all. He simply got stuck into the opposition, and the led the way with his example. When he had the ball he used it quickly and intelligently, and this enabled Logica not only to compete with the visitors, but also to pose a goalscoring threat.

Fellow midfielders Dav Gautam and Joe Tallett shared the podium with Heath, not only for their contribution in winning the ball back, but perhaps most notably for the quality they added once Logica had it. Gautam it was who scored a fantastic goal just before the break to get Logica back into the game, whilst the precision cross that led to Logica's second goal exemplified Tallett's superb contribution. Meanwhile, hard-working right winger Paul Banoub and the other goalscorer Mark Abbott also polled votes.