There was to be no giant-killing this year, nor any complaints as Logica lost in the first round of Big Ron Cup to an impressive FC Barneslona side from the division above. Rather, much of the plaudits were reserved for a heroic defensive showing which saw the plucky yellow-shirted visitors hold out for an hour with a make-shift team in the face of a relentless onslaught.

With no fewer than six players getting votes in this week's MoM Poll, it was chief barker Mad Dog Sapwell and centre-half Nich Fazel who shared the honours. "The lad never gave up in goal," effused one voter. "His ranting was non-stop ... one can only think what the oppo thought!" Meanwhile, Fazel's leadership strengths were to the fore as he mentored World Cup team-mate Sutton in an unfamilar role. "Steady as a rock," gasped another voter in awe.

Its becoming a case of 'always the bridesmaid, never the bride' for Noobs. For the second week running, the ex-striker has found himself runner-up, and four appearances out of six on the MoM podium are testament to his fine form in various newly discovered positions. "A tireless effort and a wonder run, all the more impressive given he was carrying a stinker of a cold," marvelled another member of the electorate. Elsewhere, Anil Rajput, Damien Sutton, and Denholm Syme also earned mentions in dispatches.