It was both a sad and a joyous occasion. It was likely that this would be the last ever match for Logica Football Club after a long battle against ill-health had finally been diagnosed as terminal. But to mark this momentous fixture, an array of club legends had been dug up from wherever it is that old legends go when they finish playing. The line-up was like a Who's Who of the club's history, and whatever was lacking in freshness of limb was more than made up for in skill, determination and application. The team were more than good value for the 1-1 draw earned by Hoyzone's second half equaliser, doubling the the club's on-field points tally for the season in the process.

It was a lesson in attitude and teamwork, and every one of the 14 legends made a significant contribution to the outcome. But it was Nich Fazel who was voted Legend of the Match with a sizable majority in this last ever MoM poll. A series of brilliantly timed covering challenges more than earned this clear-cut decision, and it is exactly this type of perceptive reading of the game allied with surgical tackling that have become the hallmark of this one-time striker's metamorphosis into an outstanding defender.

Second on the podium was Dav Gautam, who produced a midfield display that yet again combined creative skill and terrier-like endeavour. Kev Spence also deserved his plaudits, first as the keeper who kept the sheet clean for so long, and then as the lately roving outfielder whose sharpness and unselfishness created the equaliser. Groom and Banoub put in top-notch individual displays on his day of legends, whilst Clarke, Reevaldo and Skippy also polled votes.