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Date of Birth: 7th June 1972.
Religion: Middlesbrough Football Club & England.
Height: 5' 9".
Weight: 11st 0.


Preferred Playing Position: Striker. Other Position: Sub. Although I started my career at school as a right-back
Playing Strengths: Desire and commitment to my team. Voted "Most Committed Club Member" at Uni by 95 people. Desire to score goals, and a decent hit with the right peg has resulted in a number of spectactular strikes over the years.
Playing Weaknesses: Lack of fitness and pace. Much gym work has improved this slightly but I think that my chances of developing a Taylor-esque engine are slight to say the least. Also, confidence. I'm a total confidence player. With my head high I can do the biz, but if it's not going well then I struggle. It's then that I need the encouragement of my teammates. Don't get enough headed goals either.


Date Joined Logica: 27th October 1999.
Logica FC Debut: 3rd October 1999: Logica 1-0 Ironprint. [Editor's Note: Paul is perhaps unique in that he joined Logica the football club first, and the IT subsidiary bit subsequently.]
Previous Teams: University of Bradford FC (4ths/3rds & 2nds: Apps 25 Goals 4). IFR FC (Norwich and District League: Apps 28 Goals 30). Leicester Academicals FC (Leicester Sportsmans Div 3: Apps 35 Goals 19). Middlesbrough Cellnetters (Internet Supporters Champions 1996 & 2000: Apps 15 Goals 7).
Greatest Footballing Moment: As should be the case with strikers, goals stick in my mind. My favourite being a penalty under extreme pressue for IFR FC in Norwich. Final day of the season against the league leaders who were 1 point ahead of us. 3-3. Injury time. Penalty. One kick for the league title. Most teammates covered their eyes, but I smashed it in. Also, the bullet header I was fortunate enough to score at Wembley Stadium has to be up there. Still can't believe it went in.
Worst Footballing Moment: Worst moment as a footy fan was seeing Boro lose their third Cup Final in succession (The League Cup vs Chelsea). It was made worse by the fact that Chelsea weren't bothered in the slightest, but I would have given anything just to see Boro lift a trophy. We'd lost two finals the season before but this one really really hurt. Also, every time I see the idiots that tarnish the genuine England supporters my heart sinks. I just hope the fans across Europe know that we arent all prats.


Model Pro (Models His Game on You): Has to be Ian Wright. The man lives for goals. He was goal obsessed. The crack of ball on net, the smell of the strike. Wrighty just had to score, no matter what, and I share the desire to get that ball over the line in any way I can. Nothing comes close to the feeling of goals. I suppose it's different for other players. My brother is a centre back and he says that wiping out a striker from behind, hearing his agonised cry and then watching the ref say "play on" is the best. For me though, goals rule and no-one loved them more than Ian Wright.
Favourite All-Time Player: Fave all time Boro player is the diminutive Scottish winger/striker John Hendrie. Great attitude, top ability. An absolute travesty that he never played for his country. I also hold my esteemed colleague Dave Richmond in high regard. A great player and a fantastic motivator giving encouragement on the field. His effect on people around him should not be ignored.
Pre-Match Superstition: None. Although the pre-match diet of Red Bull and bananas seems to be a theme. Sometimes it gives me loads of energy. Other times it makes me want to puke. Am also confused as to the merits of a skinful the night before. Sometimes it gives you beer induced power, other times each header is like a migraine.
Interesting Trivia: ODD: Once scored with my kneecap from 25 yards. PAINFUL: Charged down a keepers clearance with my bollocks. VERBALS: One booking for dissent to linesman. BORO: My dad used to do doctor stuff for Boro so we used to get into the players lounge all the time. Apparantly I mingled with the great sides of the 80's as a child. Dalglish, Rush, Souness et al.


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