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Date of Birth: 7th November 1975
Religion: Manchester United & England.
Height: 5' 11".
Weight: 11st 7.


Preferred Playing Position: Old Fashioned Winger.
Playing Strengths: Blistering pace and alcohol tolerance.
Playing Weaknesses: Diabolical shooting, remembering to bring boots etc.


Date Joined Logica: 1st December 1998.
Logica FC Debut: 10th October 1999: Lusitanos 1-1 Logica.
Previous Teams: Spread Eagle, Manchester, Sherwood Hall (Nottingham University).
Greatest Footballing Moment: Watching: Solskjaer's treble clinching goal in the Nou Camp. Playing: Despite playing with a suspected broken rib, creating a hat-trick of goals for Nipper Nich in the LWC 2000 Final (wooden spoon section), against the home favourites.
Worst Footballing Moment: Watching: Shearer's unneccessary elbow on the keeper causing Campbell's late "winner" against Argentina (1998) to be disallowed. Arse. Playing: Despite being fully fit and in the clear, missing a hat-trick of chances in our LWC 2001 group decider - those 'goals' would have put the Nippers into the quarter-finals. Arse.


Model Pro (Models His Game on You): Cantona: pisses off everyone except his own side, talks bollocks and then humiliates the opposition.
Favourite All-Time Player: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: continues to set the standards that we supersubs must follow.
Pre-Match Superstition: Don't pick up the soap.
Interesting Trivia: I scored eleven goals in one game for the Spread Eagle; I haven't scored any in about eleven appearances for LFC. Only a matter of time...


Supporting Material: World Cup Winner