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Date of Birth: 30 September 1977
Religion: Keep it simple, pass and move. Not too many touches! Hearts, Arsenal, Celtic and Scotland
Height: 5' 10" (rounded up)
Weight: 81 kg


Preferred Playing Position: Anywhere in midfield. Other Position: Goalkeeper.
Playing Strengths: Good temperament, punctual (unless getting a lift off someone else), short passing game, unselfish creativity (many players lack this ability), love of the beautiful game.
Playing Weaknesses: Generally the things that make a good professional footballer!


Date Joined Logica: 23 August 2000
Logica FC Debut: 11th March 2007: Logica 2-0 Welham Athletic. It was the first of two matches in a crunch relegation battle. Both goals were ground out and on a bumpy pitch the ball was hard to control, especially with a strong wind too. I put in a few decent challenges and the team rode their luck to pick up an important win. The reporter of the day noted: "Syme was making his presence felt on both flanks, showing a cool head and an eye for a good pass when possession came his way."
Previous Teams: Gillespies Primary School, Cubs, Tartan Boys Club, Broughton Boys Club, Heathrow BAA.
Greatest Footballing Moment: Playing in goal against India in the Logica World Cup 2006 Tier 3 Semi-Final for Leatherhead. The match went into a penalty shootout after a 0-0 final scoreline. I saved two penalties in the first five by India and as captain I put myself on the fifth penatly to grab all the glory for Leatherhead. The world was at my feet as I, the keeper, the captain, had set the situation up for a Ricardo style finish. If I were to score we would be through to the Final...
Worst Footballing Moment: ... I blootered the penalty so high and wide that even Baggio and Waddle would have laughed! Commentators said it was my best goal kickof the day. Pity it was a penalty...


Model Pro (Models His Game on You): Cristiano Ronaldo: fast, skillful, bright boots and the ability to wink to team mates at a distance of 50 yards.
Favourite All-Time Players: Carlos Valderrama: a flambouyant creative genious with zero pace. Chilavert, a goalkeeper who could score goals from the penalty spot and free-kick situations.
Pre-Match Superstition: I will save penalties in shoot-out competitions.
Interesting Trivia: Skipper for the Leatherhead team at the 2006 and 2007 Logica World Cup finals.